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How many sensors can the M/L50 connect to?

The L10 can connect to a max of 14 including 10 Ant+ sensors.

How many Ant+ sensors can the L50/M50 connect to?

I've got 4 bikes, 3 have Ant+ speed & cadence sensors and the 4th has an Ant+/BT cadence sensor.

Watch HR, HR strap, Wahoo TickrFit...

10 Ant+ devices and most of the time it's a cadence sensor that gets ignored (even adding a BT sensor will have the same issue).

It's in the device list, you can delete and add it no problem, it just won't get picked up on the ride.

Delete an HR sensor and all of a sudden, it'll work.


I can have a play and work it out, but thought I'd ask the question first.

  • Fran McGowan
  • Feb 3 2020
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  • Admin
    James Stemper commented
    9 Mar, 2020 07:24pm

    Ah bummer!

    We are working on increasing the number of sensors now, and warning the user when that number is reached. Should be in the 2.3 release.

  • Fran McGowan commented
    5 Feb, 2020 11:13pm

    Sweet :)

    Yeah, you could add sensors no problem, but they wouldn't actually connect.


    In my test pool of Ant+ devices, I've got 5 HRM, 4 Cad, 3 Spd, 3 Spd/Cad, 1 Temperature, 1 Light.

    Garmin Radar is the next on the wishlist.


    Waiting for a Stages XT left crank arm in 175mm to come up 2nd hand on the local auction site as it could go on 3 of the 4 bikes.

    Nothing in the last 2 years of looking though :)

  • Admin
    James Stemper commented
    5 Feb, 2020 05:58pm

    Hey Fran,

    Recently we noticed that we arbitrarily limited this to 10, but did not warn the user of this limitation. In 2.3.0 we will increase this limitation to 20 and notify the user when they reach the limit.

    As usual, however, we only allow connection to one type of each sensor at a time, so if a sensor is present and paired, no other sensors of that same type (hr, power, etc) can be paired.

    Hope that helps!

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