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The VMware-Nutanix fight moved past ridiculing in the blogosphere

In an unexpected push forward of Nutanix's final quarter profit call, Pandey declared he would leave the organization he helped to establish in 2009 once the governing body chose his replacement. The board settled on its decision in December. Right off the bat in the month, Nutanix employed previous VMware COO Rajiv Ramaswami as its new CEO compelling Dec. 14.

After fourteen days, on Dec. 28, VMware documented a claim against Ramaswami charging that he penetrated his legitimate and authoritative obligations to VMware by "furtively meeting" with Nutanix's top of the food chain while working with VMware's administration to shape that organization's system. Nutanix keeps up that neither it nor Ramaswami did anything unlawful: "VMware's claim looks to make the meeting for a new position improper."

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  • oliva john
  • Jan 4 2021
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