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Min/max cadence in ERG mode

I have found some workouts are too hard and cadence drops too low, so resistance increases until the bike drops ERG mode in Zwift or I pause but the response to dropping ERG mode seems slow. Similarly I have found that I unwittingly am pedaling too fast although maintaining watts. In the latter case it would be nice to set a max cadence and the bike increase resistance to encourage staying below say 105 or 110 rpms or user specified max. Like wise a faster response to dropping ERG mode if cadence drops below say 50 to 55 rpms without having to pause would be helpful and switching it back on once watts are near target.

  • Merlise Clyde
  • Jul 11 2020
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    Kyle Oswald commented
    15 Jul, 2020 02:50am

    Hi Merlise! I need to investigate this further. What version of the Smart Bike were you seeing this issue? Also do you have any workouts on file that you are having troubles with that I can place on my bike? If not no worries! I can experiment.