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Manatee Meaning

Manatee – Spirit Animal, Totem, Symbolism and Meaning

Manatees are enormous marine warm blooded creatures having a place with the creature request Sirenia. It is accepted that the creatures in a specific order developed from land warm blooded animals around 60 million years prior.

Manatee Meaning

Today, just three living types of these creatures exist: West Indian, West African and the Amazonian manatee.

They are herbivorous creatures, which can reach up to 3 meters in normal length and around 600 kg in weight. Females are normally bigger than guys. Manatees are otherwise called ocean cows.

The explanation is their serene brushing on marine plants. They eat distinctive freshwater or saltwater plants. They typically eat up to 15% of their body weight each day. To that end they for the most part touch around 7 hours every day.

Manatees have flippers which look like oars. They have huge and adaptable upper lip, which they use to gather food and for correspondence. They supplant their teeth ordinarily during their lives.They go to the surface to inhale air in time periods 20 minutes. At the point when they are alert, they brush water plants in the shallow waters.

They are not quick swimmers, with a normal speed of up to 8kmph. They are known to accelerate to 30kmph every once in a while.

Manatees are viewed as canny creatures ready to learn. They have a drawn out memory. They look like dolphins with these capacities. They as a rule breed once in two years and bring forth one calf. They have various sounds to speak with one another, particularly for speaking with their young.

Manatees generally live in shallow ocean and streams. A few animal varieties are acquainted with living in both new and salt water. They are viewed as jeopardized species.

They don't have numerous hunters in nature and their primary foe is the human impact, generally annihilation of their environments.

What does the Manatee Symbolize?
The manatees are frequently connected to the mermaid old stories. In Africa it is believed that once they were individuals and their killing was precluded, rebuffed and thought about untouchable.

They represent various things, for example, lying back and unwinding, taking as much time as necessary, dialing back, standing up to our feelings, pondering significant choices.

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